SETTLE YOU HEART AT HOME is a necessary declaration for our family.   The Speed of Life frequently frustrates and it is hard for us to cease and savor Quality Time.   Could it be true that the economy has gotten so bad that we’ve become a society that cannot afford to Be Still? Does Settle Your Heart at Home mean board up the windows and don’t leave the house? Absolutely not!  We love to travel and we travel often.  The world and its sights are meant to be seen and experienced.

SETTLE YOU HEART AT HOME is deciding what’s in your heart, what’s best for your heart and living accordingly.  Articulating what in you heart and plotting .  It’s about Priorities, it’s about creating an atmosphere that lets your heart fill and overflow into the lives around you.  It also can be about healing for broken, downcast, and anxious hearts.

Delight Yourself in the Lord and He will give you the Desires of your Heart!  Psalm 37:4

What are the Delights, Desires, Dreams, and things you hold Dear that fill you heart?


What are the stories of your life?  What are the stories you still have to write?

Life is made up a series of meaningful moments that mold who you are.

Moments we need to capture and keep and when we do we experience:


-personal or professional GROWTH

-an inkling of GLORY of God

Here you will explore ways to CONNECT with your own heart, others, and even God to have Meaningful Moments and Memories.  Those moments don’t last forever and  life can tend to sweep in and steal those precious times and the brain’s  memory capcity starts to fade.  The value of documenting these times are priceless!

Here at Settle Your Heart at Home  we will see how we can exercise our CREATIVITY to catch and keep those, fun,  endearing, memories and milestones of life that tell the stories that mold our hearts.

I will share some of my stories and curate ideas that help us to live more abundantly and document your abundant life.

Incidentally many people don’t realize just how abundant their life is until they stop to recognize, reflect, and write down what that they have in their lives and hearts.



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Settle Your Heart At Home

You can create memorable moments with your family...and your God. Let me show you how!

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